ARIV V.4 against epicondylitis
Epicondylitis in padel: the Ariv undergrip has arrived

Ariv undergrip epicondilite
Ariv undergrip epicondilite

Remedies against epicondylitis: management and therapies

Ariv undergrip epicondilite

What sensations does ARIV V.4 give?

The V.4 is able to completely absorb the vibrations produced upon impact with the ball, immediately giving your racket a sensation of absolute comfort. The main cause of epicondylitis resulting from sporting activity is the vibrations produced by the contact between the racket and the ball. With no way to stop them, the vibrations travel directly to your arm, placing it under extreme stress. The V.4 undergrip is therefore able to prevent any type of injury due to epicondylitis, protecting the tendons, joints and muscles from the shoulder to the wrist by making the vibrations disappear, completely cushioned in the handle.

Furthermore, the absence of vibrations facilitates the overall management of the racket and the technical gesture, automatically simplifying your shots. Your game will benefit, and you'll be able to focus and have fun without worries and therefore, as a result, you will improve visibly!

As confirmed by the opinions of physiotherapists and sports doctors*, the ARIV V.4 undergrip is able to absorb up to 70% of the vibrations harmful to tendons and joints, from the shoulder to the hand. In particular, the usually most damaging situations are backhand shots, volleys and glass recoveries (as it is often difficult to catch the ball in the sweet spot, thus causing an impact with a hard and less elastic part of the racket).


Dr. Francisco J. Martin González, specialist in physical education and sports medicine at Medideport - Istituto de Patologia del Aparato Locomotor y Fisiologia del Esercicio.

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