Fisiocrem against epicondylitis
Epicondylitis in padel: Fisiocrem remedies have arrived

Remedies against epicondylitis: management and therapies

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Fisiocrem rimedi epicondilite

Active Ice spray

As anticipated, the Active Ice Spray is an innovative spray format useful for relieving the pain of joint and muscle injuries caused by bruises, tears, sprains, sprains, hematomas, traumas, cramps, stiff necks, back pain or neck inflammation .

Relieves muscle and joint pain with a quick and lasting action, thanks to the cold effect. Furthermore, it is non-greasy and non-staining.

Fisiocrem Spray Active Ice is synonymous with effectiveness and efficiency: it gives a quick and long-lasting cold effect, tested without the need to massage. The formula contains natural extracts of Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum and Melaleuca, plants traditionally known for their soothing and beneficial properties.

Benefits of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, relieves muscle and joint pain quickly with the convenience of a ready-to-use spray.

2 to 5 seconds of application are enough to feel joint and muscle pain relieved. Thanks to its delicate delivery, Fisicorem Spray Active Ice does not burn the skin and does not leave halos in contact with clothing.

The cryogenic beneficial effect can last for several hours and can be repeated several times during the day.

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Solugel 60 and 250ml

Solugel is a cream for topical use with extracts of natural origin to be applied by massage in preparation for physical activity or after it. Dermatologically tested, it gives a feeling of well-being thanks to its soothing effect.

Fisiocrem Solugel boasts the PLAY SURE - DOPING FREE certification, which certifies that the product is free from substances prohibited by the world anti-doping agency WADA .

It is a topical cream based on natural extracts of Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum and Melaleuca, it can improve the feeling of well-being of a good massage, thanks to the soothing effect of its extracts. Before an intense workout, to prepare for the effort, and immediately after physical activity, for a prompt recovery, dedicating a few minutes to a delicate massage with Fisiocrem can truly be the best habit.

The value of Solugel

The effectiveness of Fisiocrem Solugel has been confirmed by athletes from all over the world and from every sporting specialty .

As in any sport "become strong to compete, do not compete to become strong". *Results of the efficacy test with participants for Fisiocrem Solugel, during or after physical exercise, carried out by the Centro Experimental de Evaluación Cutánea, SL

The tested formula contains natural extracts of Arnica, Calendula, St. John's Wort and Melaleuca, plants traditionally known for their soothing and beneficial properties.

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Fisiocrem epicondilite

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